Derby Deeds & DWP Championship Bracket Contest

If you’re like us, you LOVE championship season.  Everyone takes their game to the next level & things are just EXCITING.

Well here at Derby Deeds, we’ve teamed up with Dave Wood Photography to bring you the 2010 Championship Bracket Contest!!  Dave has built the bracket, now all you have to do is ENTER TO WIN!

Now that the 12 teams have been placed into the bracket it’s time to get this show on the road…


We’ve had a ton of prize donations, so there is a lot at stake!  Make sure you read the rules, make sure you fill everything out correctly and GOOD LUCK!

Here’s a list of the prizes we have confirmed so far:


Derby Deeds Podcast™ – Episode #24

We’re back to our regularly scheduled programming with Episode #24, and we try to recap the weekend as best we can.

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Public Apology to Frida Beater

Public apology to Portia “Frida Beater” Hensley

My comments on the Derby Deeds Daily Wrap – DAY THREE didn’t quite make it out of my mouth the way that my brain intended.

The depth of jammer skill on Rocky Mountain has made it possible for Frida to do the job that she does best, lead the team. Fridas skill set is clearly more conducive to a pivot/blocker position where she can work pack strategy out in real time as opposed to having to focus on the jammer position exclusively.

In the context of the coaching conversation, I was really going after the creator of the RMRG line-ups. Thinking that using Frida Beater to jam was her highest best use is a misappropriation of resources.

Clearly, Frida Beater is a highly skilled and experienced skater. Possibly more importantly, she is a great leader. I have a ton of respect for Frida and the things that she has accomplished in Roller derby. For me to infer anything less would be absolutely insane.

I apologize for the confusion that I have created.


Derby Deeds Daily Wrap – DAY THREE

The third & final day of the West Region Playoff was the day of the underdog…

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Derby Deeds Daily Wrap – DAY TWO

The second day of the West Region Playoffs wasn’t as action packed as the first day, but the results were just as awesome…

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Derby Deeds Daily Wrap – West Region Playoffs DAY ONE

The first day of the West Region Playoffs had one of the biggest upsets we’ve ever personally witnessed, and we talk about it on the Daily Wrap…

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Derby Deeds Podcast™ – Episode #23

THIS is what we’ve been waiting for.  It’s the weekend of the West Region Playoffs in Sacramento, and we’ve got your preview right here, right now… Read more

The Yankees of Roller Derby: A critical analysis

Pinstripes maybe....but not the Yanks

If you’re an Oly Rollers fan it’s entirely possible, if not likely, that you’ve received a pretty chilly reception anywhere outside of Thurston County.  It would be fair to assume that you’ve also heard the unflattering comparison being made of them.  I’m of course referring to “The Yankees of roller derby”.    It’s a connection that seems to have taken root right before their impressive showing at last year’s Nationals but spread like wildfire within minutes of their win over Texas.  Even if you don’t harbor any particular prejudice against the Yankees it’s still an irksome comparison for what it implies.  Especially because the reasoning is just a tad too convenient.

Well here are six concrete reasons why the analogy does not fit so that you may stymie even the peskiest of naysayers or satisfy your own mind that Oly are indeed the best of the best.
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West Region Playoff Winners Bracket

Printable PDF – Clicky, clicky!

Winners only! Cause losers just don’t matter.

Derby Deeds Podcast­™ – Episode #22

Episode #22!!  We’ve got Oly!  We’ve got Sacred!  We’ve got ONE WEEK until West Region Playoffs!

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