Photo by LeVar Hurtin'

You’ll never guess who is sitting next to me in the studio right now.

You can download the show directly by right clicking on the link below and choosing “Save Link As”, or just click to stream it. – Episode #151
  • 0:00:00 – Show Intro & Shout Outs!
  • 0:02:15 – Special Shout Out from Levar Hurtin’
  • 0:07:25 – QUICK HITS!!
  • 0:20:00 – This Week in the NEWS – New WFTDA Apprentice Leagues!
  • 0:30:35 – Talking “Derby Ink” with Mos Deathly of Love City…
  • 0:52:00 – Show Close

This week, we’ve got Psycho Babble in the studio!!  Tannibal Lector & Rider were here too!!

We talked to Mos Deathly about Derby Ink, and their plans for NEXT year!

Our show photo this week is from our friend Levar Hurtin! It was nice to hear that he’s doing better after his horrific ordeal, and we send him all the love we’ve got.  Exposing ourselves to new photographers will start back up next week!

This week’s cast:

  • Jason Megatron Burrows
  • Psycho Babble
  • Levar Hurtin’
  • Mos Deathly
  • and Pitchit!

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