Did you know there was such a thing as the Roller Derby World Cup? (There is.) And did you know that the Roller Derby World Cup kicks off today in Toronto? (It does.)  Another website out there in the world wide web posted a photo gallery of 20 “sexy” roller derby girls, but we think that’s a little 2003.  Here are 20 roller derby girls that are fuckin’ bad ass

#20 – Wild Cherri of Gotham Girls Roller Derby

She transferred to Gotham from Tampa Bay & has quickly become one of the most valued players on that team.  In fact, she picked up Team MVP honors at the 2011 WFTDA Championship Tournament!!  She was also one of the standout players at the Chicago Invitational, proving her worth on both the Flat & Banked Tracks…


Wild Cherri by Sir Clicks A Lot



#19 – Stefanie Mainey of the London Rollergirls

Stefanie Mainey wasn’t well known on these shores before East Region Playoffs, but quickly became the darling of the tournament; taking the MVP over the likes of Bonnie Thunders (no mean feat there.) She displayed an almost faultless intuition as a jammer and demonstrated that North America won’t be the last word in roller derby for much longer.

~Matt Faure

Stefanie Mainey by Tyler Shaw

#18 – Gabrielle Begeman of the Denver Roller Dolls

Begeman is one of the most critically underrated blockers in the sport of roller derby.  But sometimes being overlooked can be an advantage.  And if anyone can exploit this advantage to their benefit, it’s this gal right here.

~Matt Faure

Begeman by Joe Rollerfan

#17 – GoGo Gidget of the Angel City Derby Girls

This is someone who is passionate about derby, and has helped her entire league become more passionate about the sport along with her.  She’s taken Angel City to new heights with better training and strategy, stricter accountability for each league member’s actions, and is known for bringing on some of the most brutal endurance practices to the LA area. She didn’t do it for the glory, she did it because it was what needed to be done, for the best of her league. 2011 was a year of “rebuilding” which saw ACDG improve their Western rankings, and I believe 2012 will really show the  benefits of her work both on and off the track.

~Tara Armov

GoGo Gidget by Axle Adams

#16 -Four Closer of the Sacred City Derby Girls

She’s as well-rounded a player as the sport has known.  She’s a veritable superstar in any role you put her in, she’s equally adept at stuffing your offensive surge as she is powering through your defensive formations.

~Matt Faure

I hadn’t seen or heard much about Four Closer until 2011 Western Playoffs. Jeez, what I’d been missing! A definite go-to player for Sacred City, I was mesmerized watching her.

~Tara Armov

Four Closer by Axle Adams

#15 – Cherrylicious of the Los Angeles Derby Dolls

One of the best attitudes on the planet. This is a girl who knows what she’s got and isn’t afraid to use it. Being booty blocked by her was both one of the most frustrating yet enjoyable experiences I’ve had. She’s also a true team player in that whenever I’m on the same team as her (yay, Fight Crew!) she’s one of the best and most consistent partners a skater could have.

~Tara Armov

Not only was she on the original “20 Roller Derby Girls” list that started all this mess, she’s an amazing skater & she does the Bend & Snap like no one else on earth!  She skates for LADD now, but got her start with the Charm City Rollergirls, home of our very own Xena Paradox!


Cherrylicious by Snap Shock

#14 – Elle Viento of the Philadelphia Liberty Belles

Elle Viento started playing derby in 2008 and quickly made a name for herself joining the Philly Roller Girls All-Star squad, the Liberty Bells, in early 2009 becoming one of the teams prominent skaters. In April 2011, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and throughout her surgeries and chemotherapy Elle kept skating, proving to herself and the derby world just how strong she really is.

~Xena Paradox

Elle Viento by Tyler Shaw

#13 – Ecko of the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls

I firmly believe Ecko is a ninja.

~Tara Armov

Ecko has a form and style of defense not unlike a hockey player and has the instincts to go with it.  She demonstrates an almost uncanny knack for knowing your next step and just the right amount of force to apply to keep you from achieving it.

~Matt Faure

Ecko by Masonite Burn

#12 – K Lethal of the Cincinnati Rollergirls

I was not familiar with K until I caught Cincy’s bout against Oly when they ran the I-5 gauntlet back in August.  The thing that’s most striking about her is that she’s a fiery offensive force that is devoid of the typical downside that usually comes with that kind of explosiveness (i.e. offensive fouls, illegal procedure penalties).  Add to that already impressive skill set a strength and conditioning that are on par with some of the best in the sport.

~Matt Faure

K Lethal by Axle Adams

#11 – Redrum of the San Diego Derby Dolls

Formerly a Rocky Mountain Rollergirl & Denver Roller Doll; now this San Diego Derby Doll is a major threat in the trenches, where the punishment begins and ends. She believes in the future of many things, not just roller derby. She strives professionally to assist in stem cell research. With both of her passions geared towards the bigger picture she is sure to help the world grow one way or another.


That’s right, not only is she an amazing skater, but she’s also A GENETIC SCIENTIST!



Redrum by Joe Rollerfan

#10 – Ruby Ribcrusher of Victoria Roller Derby League

Ruby is so in love with roller derby that eating is lower on her list of priorities than her mom wishes. Her dedication to skating during every free moment in her life has allowed her to come from a primarily non existing athletic background to present day team captain of Team Australia in the first ever Roller Derby World Cup.


Ruby Ribcrusher by Captain Shutterspeed

#9 – Mouse of the Mad Rollin’ Dolls

One of the first names name to emerge from one of the first 30 leagues that initially started the uprising of women’s roller derby, Mouse continues to play with ferocity, passion, and leadership. As a the Mad Rollin’ Dolls’ number 4, Mouse is a league leader who is constantly working to assist in the improvement of roller derby locally and nationally.


Mouse by Joe Rollerfan

#8 – Bork Bork Bork of the Windy City Rollers

With killer curls, this new up and comer is an amazing person and derby competitor. Her ability to learn on the move, contain most opponents, and land the big hit when needed is impressive at such an early point in her roller derby career. The Windy City Rollers have yet another weapon in their arsenal.


Bork Bork Bork by Gil Leora

#7 – Vicious Van Go-Go of the Texas Rollergirls

A long time Texas Roller Girl, this art teacher by day makes a huge impact in the jammer position for her Texecutioners. She’s been a part of leadership as both a Texas Rollergirl and a Mad Rollin’ Doll. Taking the required patience of an educator and applying it to the track in an impressively graceful motion is where much of her success comes from. Sometimes now IS the right time.


Vicous Van Go-Go by Axle Adams

#6 – Demanda Riot of the Bay Area Derby Girls

How can a girl this nice off the track be such a menace on the track? It’s been fantastic to see her grow from just being a hard-hitter ( I still shudder at the memory of being railed by her in the first Battle on the Bank), to a light-footed and nimble blocker and assist? Her repertoire has expanded with her experience, and I delight seeing her step onto the track. I also admire her unabashed bi-traxuality.

~Tara Armov

Demanda was one of the skaters who stood out to me when first began watching roller derby back in 05, for reasons other than the obvious (war paint that reminds one of Daryl Hannah in Clan of the Cave Bear).  She left an immediate impression on me as someone to watch out for, a defensive force that forced opposing players to up their game and in so doing elevated the state of the game.  At the risk of sounding self-aggrandizing, I haven’t been proven wrong in that assumption yet.

~Matt Faure

#5 – Tara Armov of the Los Angeles Derby Dolls

If you look up “badass” in the dictionary, there’s a picture of Tara fucking Armov.  She embodies the word.  She’s an OG member of Team Heckle & can yell louder, hit harder & skate better than YOU.  I love watching her play the game & I love trying to out heckle her, even though I know I’m doomed to lose every time.



~Tara Armov

Tara Fucking Armov by Sir Clicks A Lot

#4 – Kelley Young of the Kansas City Roller Warriors

Who is Kelley Young? For starters she’s one of the most agile, experienced, and successful jammers in the Women’s Flat Track Derby Assoc. Former WFTDA Champion of 2007 as a Kansas City Roller Warrior and current WFTDA Big 5 MVP, this skater continues to prove that this O.G. roller warrior is still at the top of her game.


Kelley Young by Phil Peterson


#3 – V.Lee of the Los Angeles Derby Dolls



V Lee is one of the most singularly determined skaters on the track, flat or banked. She has made it a mission to improve her skills and the overall game in equal leaps.

~Tara Armov

V. Lee by Axle Adams

#2 – Risquee Biznatch of the Terminal City Rollergirls

Underlying one of the nicest skaters you’ll ever meet, there is an incredibly fierce competitor.  She took on the challenge of creating a brand new house team within Terminal City & turned Public Frenemy into a fresh meat juggernaut.


Risquee Biznatch by N8Z

#1 – Lulu Lockjaw of the Bay Area Derby Girls

If I had to describe Lulu in a word that word would be “consistent”.  I know that might sound like a glib observation but consistency is a highly praised trait in sports, I don’t care who you are.  She consistently puts up the numbers, consistently delivers and is consistently dependable as a teammate.  I’d take a skater who is consistent as opposed to explosive any day of the week.

~Matt Faure

Lulu’s photo in the original blog post is what started this whole shebang.  Yes, she’s an amazing player.  Yes, she’s gorgeous.  No, she doesn’t need to go get any more sun.  We love our Lulu Lockjaw & I’m proud to call her my cast member & my friend.


Lulu Lockjaw by Joe Rollerfan


Thanks to everyone who participated in this little project, to all of our wonderful photographers for allowing us to use their work, to Action Figure Therapy for the machine gun on peyote line & most of all to our skaters.  We love to watch you play.  Thank you for giving us something to be passionate about.