Episode 5 is FINALLY here!!  Please join us as we discuss Rat City vs Rose City; a look at Rocky Mountain’s trip to the Pac-NW & a discussion about Referees!

We also talk about ejections and suspensions; Matt & Sheeza give us their recap from Jet City & Bellingham respectively and we ask a brand new question of the week!

We’re even graced with a few interviews, so what are you waiting for??  Download it already!

Also, we had a bit of an audio issue with Shovey’s microphone for the first few minutes, but we got it fixed!  Let us know if you are having any issues and we’ll see what we can do.  =)

You can download it directly by right clicking on the link below and choosing “Save Link As”, or just click to stream it.

Derby Deeds Podcast – Episode #5

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This weeks cast:

  • Jason Megatron Burrows
  • Matt Faure
  • Sheeza Brickhouse
  • Shovey Chase
  • and Pitchit!